Student Testimonials

Lesley Bellow, Muna Mohamed, Kendra Crouch, and Binda Rathore share their journey as online students in our MSN-FNP program. Their resilience, dedication, and passion illuminate the path for others seeking to make a difference in healthcare.

Corina Gonzalez

"My favorite part of being a TWU student is that they were able to help me find a preceptor. I have a full-time job and a family all while attending school so with their online program I had more flexibility to be able to attend to all my duties and school."

Jennifer Clark

"The faculty teaching classes have structured it so you don't feel so alone. And if you do need help, they answer emails or discussion board questions promptly. WOW! I am impressed. TWU not only cares about getting you in their school but cares that you are successful in the school! Thanks, TWU!"

Jolene Galaviz

"As a military spouse of 15 years, it has been very challenging to pursue the education I wanted. Finally, I found TWU, with an accredited FNP program. This program has allowed me to continue my education even with a move to Hawaii."

"... I feel several "a-ah" moments came from instructors providing personal experiences, that related to the assigned reading. Sometimes having a real-life example just helps it click."

Jolene  Galaviz RN, BSN